A Record of Healing

Our recently published collection of healing accounts provides a glimpse into the ministry of Christian Science nursing at the Benevolent Association for over a century. Click here to read one of the testimonies included in the book.

We’d be happy to send you a copy of this book. Send an email to inquiry@chbenevolent.org.

From the book’s introduction:

It is in joyful recognition of the Holy Comforter, divine Science, and the tender role that Christian Science nursing has in attesting to its healing efficacy, that we have prepared this modest collection of healings. Through the decades there have been countless healings witnessed in the ministry of Christian Science nursing around the globe, including many that have been witnessed at the Benevolent Association over the past century. These inspiring accounts provide a glimpse into the blessings received by those who have turned to Christ, Truth, and have experienced the fruits of having a Christian Science refuge to come to in time of need.

Ever since the BA was established by The Christian Science Board of Directors in 1916 in response to Mary Baker Eddy’s earlier request, its purpose has been healing. 

2 Responses to A Record of Healing

  1. CQ says:

    Proof that God’s love can be relied upon in Christian Science to heal all ills and remove the effects of all accidents is so extra consoling — and needed! — at this time.

    Thank you, CHBA, for printing Nathan’s account of his “proofs of God’s care” and for his mom’s helpful eyewitness verification.

    I trust that the entire collection of published testimonies demonstrating the blessings of Christian Science nursing care is a beacon of spiritual light that’s attracting the trainees you’ve put out a call for!

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