A wild turkey inspires, and Christian Science nursing care supports healing

Lynn Wolaver lives in New Hampshire

Lynn Wolaver turned to the BA’s Christian Science nursing services in a time of great need. In this podcast Lynn shares her healing experience, and the inspiration she found while watching a wild turkey flying to its roost, and how she was led to serve as a regular volunteer. “Out of gratitude I just felt I wanted to do something to help repay the BA in a small way.”


Click the triangle button to listen to Lynn describe her experience:


6 Responses to A wild turkey inspires, and Christian Science nursing care supports healing

  1. Judy Wilt says:

    Such a beautiful healing and good analogy of going up higher “to our branch” of safety and healing. Thank you Lynn for sharing!

  2. Christine says:

    What God-inspired steps flowed in this healing experience. You were blessed, and now others who hear of your uplifting are benefited. thank you.

  3. CQ says:

    I couldn’t wait to hear what you were going to say about my turkey friends, who I’ve seen at dawn and dusk, who I’ve witnessed soar to their overnight roost, and whose feathers (of all sizes) I picked up from the grounds and treasure as mementos of these birds’ beauty.

    And while I was thrilled with your description of glimpsing these glorious creatures, I must admit that what really touched me to tears was when you said you didn’t care what was going on with your body, you just wanted to succeed in your two objectives: to love everyone around you and to feel closer to God. What a pure motive!

    I can tell that you met your goals — if not exceeded them with your active, giving-back gratitude. Thanks for the sharing the joy — and the spiritual lessons you learned.

  4. K. James says:

    Wonderful! Birds are so naturally instructive. Glad you were watching and shared the story with all of us.

  5. Suanne says:

    Beautiful testimony! (“Interlude”? Can’t find it . . . )

  6. Pat says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring healing, Lynn, and for passing that good on to others here and by volunteering at the BA.

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