[audio] A Record of Healing, Part 4

Encircled by God’s Love

This audio clip is just one of many examples of how the BA’s Christian Science nursing services provide skilled care with an expectancy of healing.

Hear how one woman turned to her church friends and the BA following a severe head injury: “The minute I walked…into the BA, I just felt absolutely encircled, absolutely covered with love. I felt that the healing was already taking place, and that I had nothing to fear….” Click the audio play button below to hear her testimony…

Click here for a PDF transcript of this healing.

This healing was included in the Record of Healing CD* produced by the BA. *If you would like a copy of the Record of Healing CD or a print out of the full healing account, please contact us by email at inquiry@chbenevolent.org or by phone at 617-734-5600

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