[audio] A Record of Healing, Part 5

From Mexico to the BA to find healing

After a motor scooter accident, a young woman feels blessed by Christian Scientists praying for the whole world.

This is the fifth in a series of audio testimonies from individuals who have turned to the BA’s Christian Science nursing services for care and healing.

After suffering injuries from a motor scooter accident while in Mexico, a young woman realizes that she is blessed by Christian Scientists praying for the whole world. A day later she makes it back to the US and is welcomed at the BA. Christian Science nurses provided just what she needed – loving care and support — and complete healing resulted. She describes what it was like arriving at the BA after her long trip: ” [I felt] this real sense of peace, and a sense of home. I was safe at the BA, and I was taken care of….”

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Click here for a PDF transcript of this healing.

This healing was included in the Record of Healing CD* produced by the BA. *If you would like a copy of the Record of Healing CD or a print out of the full healing account, please contact us by email at inquiry@chbenevolent.org or by phone at 617-734-5600

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2 Responses to [audio] A Record of Healing, Part 5

  1. Carolyn Shipman says:

    Thank you!
    As I listened to this clear testimony, I was grateful to know that a “young” person was loving and using Christian Science right from the start! I was grateful for the foundation she had received in Sunday School and at home that supported her desire to seek Christian Science help.

    Of course, I am so grateful for our BA and to hear, once again, of the loving, caring nursing care! I really feel that just walking through the doors of our Christian Science nursing facilities, we all just know we are going to be lovingly, thoughtfully cared for and we ARE going to find healing.

    I appreciate being able to listen to this healing experience and to be able to picture the BA after having had the pleasure of staying there through the Longyear Tour a couple of years ago. Thank you for all you have done through the years and are continuing to do today to support Christian Science healing!

  2. Sarah O'Brien says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    A few years ago, my adult daughter and I shared a motor scooter in Mexico and neither of us were very proficient in driving it. As we drove around the island, we came across many iguana crossing the road. There were so many that my daughter screamed each time we missed one and then we laughed happily as it was such an odd adventure. Perhaps that was all that you missed, if you had continued to ride the scooter.

    I love your fearless and strong stand to have Christian Science care. Recently, I stayed at the BA and felt the atmosphere you described.
    How blessed we are to have such a place to meet the needs of those who chose to rely on God and then your explanation of the follow up care was very helpful to hear about. God is so incredible, always with us. I love this Bible passage: “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Hebrew 13:5.

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