[audio] Healing Experiences At The BA

The BA stands as a beacon of hope, spiritual growth, and renewal. For over 90 years individuals have come here seeking refuge and finding healing. There’s a steady flow of letters of gratitude and testimonies of healing from those who have turned to Christian Science nursing in their time of need.

We trust you’ll enjoy reading and hearing these testimonies as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. We draw on current testimonies of healing as well as letters from our Archives.

This month’s testimony is from an individual who called on the BA’s Outpatient Service. Click the audio icon below to hear about his experience…

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  1. Mrs. M. Janet Hope (Miss Dakin when I trained at the BA) says:

    Thank you for sharing this. In my own nursing, I don’t think I was aware always of the effect the nurse’s thought has on an individual. I have always been grateful for my BA training, which continues to be useful still. That training included taking to any problem the confidence that the qualities the problem suggested were absent, were always and inevitably present because of the ever-presence of God.

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