[audio] Thanks and Gratitude – Hear how the BA has blessed and cared for so many

Don’t take our word for it — listen to a small sampling of the thanks and gratitude sent in from patients, visitors, and staff. Consider this a special audio Thanksgiving card from us to you – read aloud by our staff members.

This first clip includes heartfelt comments from patients…

The next clip includes appreciation for Rest & Study, the BA’s staff, and gratitude for being a part of the BA team…

And, finally, loving and joyous comments from visitors about tours, breaking bread, and the BA’s “Songfest” put on by Christian Science nurses, Kathy Glover, Char Beck and David Sand…

A happy Thanksgiving to you all!

3 Responses to [audio] Thanks and Gratitude – Hear how the BA has blessed and cared for so many

  1. Your audios are always interesting and uplifting. Many thanks for them.

  2. Wren says:

    Thanks for letting us hear what people are experiencing and loving about the BA. It reminds me of the deep joy I found when taking an advanced course there in the Christian Science nursing arts.

  3. Sharla Allard says:

    I very much appreciate your discounting the price of my two-day stay at the B.A. during our last storm, when my electricity was out for three days. The Rest and Study rooms are charming, and the wide-screen TV in the living room afforded a welcome break. The complimentary breakfasts were an over-the-top bonus, and I enjoyed chatting with fellow breakfasters i’d known from my work at the Christian Science Center. I really felt the love of the B.A. for its members during this time. In fact I overstayed the check-out time with your permission, relaxing in a couple of the common rooms with great views because they afforded time without distractions. It enabled me to get through several of the latest periodicals!

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