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I was making plans for a trip that I would be taking in a couple of days. I was out one evening picking up a few items to say thank you to those who would be taking care of things while I was away. One minute I was standing up, and the next minute I was down. I couldn’t have told you how I ended up on the ground, but there I was, still holding flowers in one hand and a package in the other. I gathered myself up and got home, still thinking about this trip that I would be taking. It was something that I had really enjoyed preparing for. I would be getting together with an aunt and a cousin, and spending some special time that I knew would be very enjoyable. Yet as the evening progressed, I began to feel that this might not be a trip I would be taking. I realized that the feeling in my arms, and the mobility, were leaving me, and I was in a considerable amount of pain.

Because my husband was traveling that week, he called Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association to see if they might be able to provide some help and support. My daughter drove me to the BA, and we spent a bit of time in the outpatient room. I felt a tremendous welcome and such loving, tender care. We were allowed to stay in this room as long as we needed, and I was able to have a bite to eat.

I already knew the blessings of being in this healing atmosphere. I have enjoyed coming to the BA for Rest & Study and took advantage of that at Christmas when it was bustling at home. I remember really welcoming a couple of days away. There was a room available to stay in for continued Christian Science nursing, and I was quickly settled in. The first thing that I recognized was that I was going to be given the opportunity to be in a spot where I would have all reverence for injury replaced with a reverence for God. Every moment that I was at the BA was an affirmation of that.

Loving care was given to me by the Christian Science nurses. Initially the care was very extensive as I needed help with feeding, bathing, and dressing. A sling was put on one of my arms when I first arrived. However, I found that in no time at all it was no longer needed.

An important element of my time at the BA, and it began very early after my arrival, was to answer the question as to how I got there. I knew that the days leading up to my arrival were full of love and joy, and you might say service to others while planning our trip, but I just didn’t have any answer for how I got there. But I was immediately reminded of that wonderful statement in Science and Health on page 254 where Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God.” I think that was really my launching pad for the days that I was at the BA. Gratitude was also a hallmark of this healing. As I saw the tender care of the Christian Science nurses, I was filled with gratitude because I was seeing them as this wonderful reflection of God. Gratitude, we know, is a product of Love. I felt that every evidence of love and care reassured all who were at the BA that we were in the presence of God, the presence of Love.

There was this lovely thread of continuity throughout my stay. I’d like to go back to what I said earlier about how I felt about being at the BA. It really put reverence for God first and foremost in my thought, and reverence for injury was given no place in thought. Each time I would mentally try to go back to that evening [of the injury] that thought was immediately replaced with a picture of tender, loving care provided by the Christian Science nurses. There was this lovely taking off the walls of thought what was not true, and replacing it with what is true—that God’s man is upright, whole, and free, and never fallen. Never fallen!

My healing was full and complete. For this healing and the joy that I had standing in church holding a microphone some weeks later, expressing gratitude for my freedom, and for the joy that has never left me, I’m very grateful.

— Anonymous
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