From Mexico to the BA

Record of Healing Booklet Cover

After suffering injuries from a motor scooter accident, a young woman describes her experience as follows: “I really clung the whole night to the fact that even though I felt like I was so far away from home, in a different country, that there were prayers of Christian Scientists all over the world that were supporting Christian Scientists.

“Before I left Mexico, I had talked to my mom and told her that I felt like I needed to go directly from the airport to the BA, and the Christian Science nurses were there waiting for me. It was about midnight at that point, and they were just so caring and welcoming and weren’t concerned about how late it was, just right there, ready.

“I was safe at the BA, and I was taken care of, and I was so grateful to have the facility. And the next morning the Christian Science nurses provided all the walking aids and everything I needed to make it more comfortable for me to be mobile and go about my day. I continue to hold onto that experience, and continue to get blessings out of it. But the physical healing itself was complete within a few weeks.”
— Anonymous

From the 2009 audio CD “A Record of Healing”
© 2009 Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association


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