“…God heals as nothing else can”

I had become quite helpless with a belief of rheumatism. I am an elementary school teacher and I could no longer bend down to help the children. I stayed home for a while, but made little progress. My friends, who are not Christian Scientists, and my fellow workers in the school kept calling my husband and saying that I would be a cripple for the rest of my life without medical help. Even the school administrators expressed the same thoughts.


“…God heals as nothing else can”


I was very grateful to be accepted for admission in the Benevolent Association. The day I arrived I felt such a sense of peace and love, I will never forget. All of the Christian Science nurses and supervisors were all so loving and helpful. The Christian Science nurses working at night were especially kind. Most of my stay there I had to be helped out of bed one or two times during the night.
The healing began almost at once. I soon was able to walk more easily and to use my arms more. My stay there was a period of great spiritual growth.

When I returned home, my husband met the plane with a wheelchair. He could not believe his eyes when he saw me coming down the steps of the airplane. I began teaching that same month. I could have started earlier, but the Principal could not believe the healing had taken place. The Principal said he never expected to see me walk again. The healing has been complete in every way. Besides teaching, I am doing a great deal of church work.

I am most grateful for this experience. And to have such a wonderful home as the Benevolent Association — where one can go and escape the rumblings of mortal (so called) mind, and be under the care of people who know that God heals as nothing else can. The atmosphere of Love was all around. I am most grateful.


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