Grateful to enter the BA

In 2013, as the result of a fall, I was unable to use or move my arm and could not care for myself. I was grateful to be able to enter the BA where I received much-needed skilled care by Christian Science nurses to help me in all the practical ways necessary. As a result of their wise and excellent approach to each need and the inspired, healing truths shared by the Christian Science practitioner who was praying for and with me, I have to say that my weeks at the BA were very happy. One of the most cherished elements of my stay was this: I felt that each Christian Science nurse who entered my room or assisted me was seeing me as God’s loved and perfect child, intact. It was a very tangible feeling of pure love, a reflection of divine Love, and it was consistent. I felt Christian Science nurses on all shifts, day and night, were seeing the spiritual and only reality of my being. As I think of it now, they were really illustrating how our Father-Mother God knows us 24-hours a day.

Early in my stay I observed that each time a Christian Science nurse put my clothes away, the clothes were folded very neatly and placed in the drawer in a precise and orderly way. Each one did this. As I watched, I thought, “Everything about me is in order, right now.” I knew this spiritual fact would at some point become clearer and be expressed outwardly in my experience, and of course it was. In the meantime, the consistency of the Christian Science nurses’ expression of order was very meaningful to me.

I recall one day when the Director of the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School stopped in. During our conversation I shared with her that I had been praying with a statement in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures where Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Being possesses its qualities before they are perceived humanly” (p. 247). She said they had been referring to that statement that very day in a course being taught in the Training School! I thought that was wonderful.

After a few weeks my healing had progressed sufficiently so that I was able to go home. At that point the BA’s Visiting Service supported me until I was able to use my arm freely and go forward with my normal activities once again. The Christian Science nurses in the Visiting Service were as consistently excellent and full of joy as those who cared for me while I was staying at the BA.

In the years since this experience, I’ve thought often of Mrs. Eddy’s inspired provision for our protection and care when she established Christian Science nursing. I’m very grateful.
— S. C.

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