Gratitude For a Healing and Joyful Experience

February 1, 1964

Dear Mr. Garner:

First of all thank you for the note of welcome on my arrival. It made me feel right at home. It is indeed hard to find the words to express the gratitude I feel for the healing and joyful experience of being a guest at [Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association.] This is my first visit and I shall look forward to returning again as a Rest & Study guest.

I cannot praise too highly the care given me by all the [Christian Science] nurses. Each and every one is a shining example of perfect training – physical and metaphysical. I have felt the love and harmony of everyone holding to the absolute Truth. This is indeed like being on the “Mount.”

Also, I would like to sing the praises of the Chef and his staff. The food is excellent and so beautifully prepared with every detail so immaculate and attractive.

… The time spent in the Living Room with other guests in games and handcrafts was most enjoyable and Mrs. [X} so very gracious. I really feel that Divine Love has met my human need in giving me the privilege of this week of joy, comfort, rest, beauty, order, harmony, cleanliness and abundance of good in this healing atmosphere of love

… I know my healing is complete. I came in with the use of only one foot and I am going out with joy, walking on both feet.

I am taking home with me all the loving kindness which was given to me which I shall treasure always. The more I share this love with those in whom I come in contact the more God’s love will spread over the earth and bless us all.

My deep gratitude to everyone here.

Mrs. S. R.

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