Healing Response on 9/11/01

A Christian Science Chaplain’s prayers help a soldier in need at the Pentagon

Janet Horton, the keynote speaker at our Christian Science Nurses Training School Graduation in March, describes how she responded to the urgent needs of an Army colonel injured at the Pentagon 10 years ago. She was on the scene when the plane hit. In the middle of confusion and fear, Janet describes what became, for those present, a “defining event of love.”

4 Responses to Healing Response on 9/11/01

  1. Sandy Nicolson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this clip. Would it be possible to purchase a CD of Janet Horton’s address at the March graduation or a written copy if the CD isn’t available? I would love to hear or read all of it. A few years ago I was able to purchase another address, and thoroughly enjoyed listening to it many times. Just wondered if it would still be possible.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Lois M. Watts says:

    Again, I wish Janet Horton’s addresses that are so very inspiring could be
    printed in the Sentinel or Journal so that so many more may share her
    wonderful words and works. PLEASE ! PLEASE!

    • pwoodsum says:

      We’re so glad that you enjoy hearing Janet’s audio clips. You may want to contact The Christian Science Publishing Society with your suggestions. Thanks for your comments.

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