Audio Healing Testimony: “…the blessings of being in a healing atmosphere…”

winter_2014-117Mary Baker Eddy’s inspired provision for the Christian Science nurse, set forth in the Church Manual, has blessed many who have turned in time of need to the loving care and healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.

In the following healing testimony, this woman contacted a Christian Science practitioner for specific prayerful support, and was also led to come to Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association for Christian Science nursing care.

She found that her gratitude for the spiritual atmosphere, and the loving, selfless care of Christian Science nurses at the BA, contributed greatly to her healing.

Click the play button to hear her audio.


2 Responses to Audio Healing Testimony: “…the blessings of being in a healing atmosphere…”

  1. Deanie Dorwart says:

    Beautiful testimony. So grateful for the healing support of Christian Science nurses and facilities wherever they might be. This is such a confirmation of the love and cherishing and conviction of Christian Science nursing supporting and providing the atmosphere that assures Christian healing. Thank you, Chestnut Hill, for your clear, loving representation of Christian Science nursing.

  2. Wendy Manker says:

    As a witness to this beautiful healing, I saw the ripples that went out and blessed all those who were touched by it. And how wonderful that the nurses in the facility got to witness and rejoice in the freedom that was coming day by day. These healings are a blessing to the facilities as well as to those experiencing them because it underscores how valuable Christian Science nursing is to the entire Christian Science field in support of our mission to bring spiritual healing
    to the world just as Christ Jesus asked us to do.

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