Audio Healing Testimony: “…the blessings of being in a healing atmosphere…”

winter_2014-117Mary Baker Eddy’s inspired provision for the Christian Science nurse, set forth in the Church Manual, has blessed many who have turned in time of need to the loving care and healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.

In the following healing testimony, this woman contacted a Christian Science practitioner for specific prayerful support, and was also led to come to Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association for Christian Science nursing care.

She found that her gratitude for the spiritual atmosphere, and the loving, selfless care of Christian Science nurses at the BA, contributed greatly to her healing.

Click the play button to hear her audio.


4 Responses to Audio Healing Testimony: “…the blessings of being in a healing atmosphere…”

  1. Deanie Dorwart says:

    Beautiful testimony. So grateful for the healing support of Christian Science nurses and facilities wherever they might be. This is such a confirmation of the love and cherishing and conviction of Christian Science nursing supporting and providing the atmosphere that assures Christian healing. Thank you, Chestnut Hill, for your clear, loving representation of Christian Science nursing.

  2. Wendy Manker says:

    As a witness to this beautiful healing, I saw the ripples that went out and blessed all those who were touched by it. And how wonderful that the nurses in the facility got to witness and rejoice in the freedom that was coming day by day. These healings are a blessing to the facilities as well as to those experiencing them because it underscores how valuable Christian Science nursing is to the entire Christian Science field in support of our mission to bring spiritual healing
    to the world just as Christ Jesus asked us to do.

  3. Janet says:

    The photograoh of the Christian Science nurse from years ago looked so familiar to me. And as I listened to this testimony, tears of gratitude welled up. I had the inestimable privilege of being trained at the BA between 1956 and 1959 and so well remember that loving atmosphere, and the certainty that all things were possible with God that gave confidence to both patient (though we called them guests then) and student nurse.
    The testifier spoke of her bedlinen being changed.
    We learned to express order and quietness in everything we did in the rooms. This was in the days before duvets and fitted sheets. There was a particular way of folding each piece of bedding so that it could be unfolded gently lengthwise and widthwise and would be just where it should be.
    The bottom sheet was laid with 2 inches over the bottom of the mattress (to enable it to be pulled straight under someone) and mitered corners at the head. It had to be pulled tight enough that a coin dropped on it would bounce. Again that was to ensure there could be no wrinkles when the guest went to bed. The top sheet was turned down 8 inches, the blankets laid 4 inches below. A dimity (thin muslim sheet) was placed over the blankets and its top edge tucked under the blanket edge. The top edge of the sheet was drawn over the blankets, making a 12 inch space which was precisely right for the pillow. Mitered corners at the foot. The dimity was so that the guest could lie on the bed during the day without mussing it up. The whole was finger-tipped under the mattress so that it could be pulled out gently and quietly to ready the bed for sleeping without disturbing the bottom sheet.
    Learning how to make beds featured largely in the training, and it’s a joy to have someone comment on it!

    • pwoodsum says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience in Christian Science nurses training. And we’re glad the photo brought back fond memories!

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