[podcast] Injuries Healed Quickly

Those Christian Science nurses loved me, …they gave me spiritual sustenance”

Patsy Gantt Reiman, a Christian Science practitioner from Colorado, came to the BA after a serious bicycle accident, and the Christian Science nurses provided the support needed for a quick healing. In this audio clip, Patsy shares what impressed her most about the care she received at the BA:

“That first night, my nurse came in every hour, and he would share with me healing ideas about the Christ, and I just loved it.”

Click the triangle play button below to listen to her healing

Listen to more from Patsy Here

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2 Responses to [podcast] Injuries Healed Quickly

  1. ellen Cutts says:

    Thanks so much, Patsy, for sharing this healing. The BA is surely a refuge where the love of Christ is so tangibly experienced. It is helpful for all of us to know of your healing, which verifies Truth’s healing power and presence and which encourages us all in our own prayers.

    • patsy Gantt Reiman says:

      Ellen thank you for your reply to my testimony! I just love the Manual based activity of CS nursing. what a lovely provision from our Leader! much love, Patsy Gantt Reiman

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