Healing: What we are truly thankful for

Here at the BA we have many things to be truly thankful for this Thanksgiving

We are grateful for the tireless and loving care provided by our Christian Science nurses, the happy times shared by guests, residents, and workers, the kindness and selflessness expressed by our dear volunteers, the comfortable accommodations enjoyed by Associations and Rest & Study, and of course the tasty and beautifully presented meals.

But more than anything else we are truly thankful for witnessing the efficacy of Christian Science healing every day. This is why the BA is here, and why we all love to work here.  Please read the comments of gratitude below, and click the link below that to listen to audio testimonies. Enjoy!


Graduation_On Stage 2013 “Having experienced Christian Science nursing care firsthand…
I can say unequivocally how grateful I am that there are individuals representing themselves as Christian Science nurses, who are ready and willing to stand with us in the demonstration of Christian Science healing.”
Nice little girl with bunch of yellow leaves “We want to thank you for your unwavering support…
…when our daughter came in for an outpatient visit in mid-August. The nurses helping her were steadfast in bandaging her wound and also super kind and caring. We cannot begin to express how much gratitude we have for the professional and loving care she was given.”
Wreath_CSNB “The healing was very quick….
You cannot tell that there was anything that ever happened to my hands. I would like to express my gratitude to the BA, for the inspiration that I received when I came, for the gentle, loving kindness that was expressed to me in the tender care of the Christian Science nurses.”
Winter_Lamp Glow “…The nurses were so loving
…during the night they came and sang hymns to me, they read to me, held my hand…and there was such a sense of peace at the BA, and such a sense that God was caring for me. I have to say everything that the BA provided just made all the difference and made the healing possible.”


Testimonies of healing — a larger collection of our posts

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