One hymn of praise to God, among…

One hymn of praise to God, among many I sing, is gratitude for the Christian Science Benevolent Association.

One morning a few years ago I could not seem to cope with anything. I asked my husband to call a Christian Science practitioner to treat me through prayer and to please take me to the Christian Science Benevolent Association at Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. He made the arrangements, drove me to the Benevolent Association, and took a week’s vacation to care for our four children.

After arriving at Chestnut Hill, I went to my room and sat down on the edge of the bed. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody about anything. I wondered what I was going to do about meals. Sitting quietly alone, I felt completely grateful for the Mother Love that had provided such a refuge.

In Miscellaneous Writings Mrs. Eddy says, quoting part of a Christmas prayer for her students (p. 159), “O glorious Truth! O Mother Love! how has the sense of Thy children grown to behold Thee! and how have many weary wings sprung upward! and how has our Model, Christ, been unveiled to us, and to the age!”

I thanked God for Mary Baker Eddy. I was so grateful to her for listening to God and bringing comfort to His children. Immediately my joy returned. I was able to join others in the dining room.

There was quiet rest, and study, and great peace during that week. The practitioner had asked me to think often about Hymn No. 109 in the Christian Science Hymnal. Once, while I was sitting in a big wooden swing among the hemlock trees in front of the sanatorium, beautiful peace had come to me with the assurance from the words of the hymn that I would be going “home to heavenly ways.” My last evening there I sat down and wrote a letter of gratitude for my stay at the Benevolent Association. The next morning I felt strong and refreshed.

I love God and divine Science, and every avenue through which this Comforter is expressed.

— P. S. P.

Excerpt from the June 1978 issue of The Christian Science Journal
© 1978 The Christian Science Publishing Society.

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