Podcast: From healing to golf to employment

Golfer-healingBlessings from a Christian Science healing often lead to more blessings. Hear this husband and father tell his remarkable experience following a bicycle accident — soon he’s back on the golf course, and a new sense of employment follows. Click the audio control below to hear this inspiring testimony…


3 Responses to Podcast: From healing to golf to employment

  1. Lesley Pitts says:

    Thank you for sharing your healing both of the wrist and unemployment situation. It was truly inspiring to hear the outcome and especially the part that Christian Science nursing played in it.

  2. hallie says:

    Tremendous healing. Beautifully given. Would love to see it recorded in the periodicals. Boy, did I need to hear it.

  3. Judy Wilt says:

    What a wonderful example of “mental surgery’. So encouraging and inspiring for anyone seeking spiritual healing.
    Thank you for sharing!

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