Podcast: A Christian Science nurse witnesses healing

Kathy Glover has been a dedicated Christian Science nurse for many years. And she speaks from experience when talking about this healing ministry. We don’t very often have an opportunity to hear about a patient’s healing from the perspective of the Christian Science nurse. We’re delighted that Kathy was kind enough to share an experience she had a couple years ago. The audio below is of Kathy describing what happened at a Christian Science Nursing Arts graduation when someone she didn’t recognize came up and gave her a big hug.


Click here to listen to the original audio testimony of healing.

2 Responses to Podcast: A Christian Science nurse witnesses healing

  1. Sylvia Danskin says:

    Thank you, Kathy, for your lovely recollection of my healing at the BA. I’m still grateful for the loving care expressed here.

  2. Nancy Stevens says:

    Thank you for sharing! As Christian Science nurses we have the privilege of being part of some beautiful healings. I have been blessed for many years!

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