Tumor Healed: BA’s Outpatient Services Meet the Need

Blossom crocus and budThis healing account shows how one man, accompanied by his supportive wife, turned to the BA for Christian Science nursing care: “We went into an outpatient room, and a nurse came in and was so pure in thought that you could tell that she was not impressed.” Click the audio play button below to hear his testimony.

Click here for a PDF transcript of this healing.

This healing was included in the Record of Healing CD* produced by the BA. *If you would like a copy of the Record of Healing CD or a printout of the full healing account, please contact us by email at inquiry@chbenevolent.org or by phone at 617-734-5600

2 Responses to Tumor Healed: BA’s Outpatient Services Meet the Need

  1. Tori says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Such a loving, uplifting, Christly view seeing the “complete, the whole healing” going on. Thanks for this post, Friends!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Lovely and inspiring–thank you for sharing

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