“…wonderful to see the healing take place.”

The following is an audio healing testimony shared by Sylvia Danskin and her husband Keith. Sylvia turned to the BA for Christian Science nursing care: “I came to the BA not being able to function…I don’t even think I was able to speak much….I was tended to tenderly, and lovingly.” Click the play button below to hear Sylvia and Keith describe their healing experience:


7 Responses to “…wonderful to see the healing take place.”

  1. Cindy Ritz says:

    This is so precious. I thank both Sylvia and Keith for sharing their BA experience. Yes. Healing is going on at the BA. One truly has the sense of being in the “atmosphere of Love divine” where healing and progress are a natural result. And this is a lovely example.

  2. Christine Whitney says:

    Thank you for sharing this healing. I was grateful for the sense of love you expressed feeling at the BA. And for the expectation of complete healing from the nurses!

  3. Sally Prout says:

    Thank you. The nurses are so loving as they help us see our real beingl

  4. Jan in New Mexico says:

    So grateful to hear about this healing. I love how expectant we can be when entering a Christian Science nursing facility, knowing that healing is the B.A.’s only purpose. And that it is fulfilling that purpose!

  5. A. E. Bunce says:

    “The healing was of a list of fears.” Well put. Seems that part of the BA’s essential function is to provide a fearless atmosphere in which healing can take place — accomplished by patient and nurses together, hand-in-hand, as in this case.

    “The Christian Science nurses — I can’t rave enough about them.” Me, either.

    Great testimony. Thanks for sharing.

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