“It’s a wonderful, healing atmosphere… you feel a real home environment”


We asked long-time Independent Living residents about their experiences here at the BA. They shared thoughtful insights into why they consider the BA their home. This is what they told us…

What do you like most about living at the BA?

It’s a wonderful, healing atmosphere…you feel a real home environment…

“Lovely companionship when wanted, and the availability of sacred solitude when wanted.

“We are all like-minded people working together.”

…the general idea expressed here of caring by the people who work here. I feel that! I feel cared for.

I am enthusiastic about the BA. It’s such a perfect home. There is no worrying about plowing snow…having it done or having someone do this or that in your house. It is all taken care of… it’s a sense of completeness. And joy is expressed here all of the time.

“If you have a home of your own, you have so many distractions. And [here] we have more time to really be peaceful and working…doing our metaphysical work for the world….”

 What favorite activities do you enjoy here?

It’s lovely to get out and enjoy the walks around the BA grounds.”

Rides to services at The Mother Church are such a great advantage to living at the BA.”

“I never have to twiddle my thumbs. There’s plenty of reading material … wonderful libraries here…small libraries of secular novels, mysteries, and so forth, and the Bound Volumes and all kinds of Christian Science literature and Bible reference books — and all of these things are available to us at all times, day or night.”

“Using the bench swing on the lawn and watching the birds swooping by – especially when the magnolia tree is in bloom.”

“Enjoying a sunny afternoon up on the terrace on the south side of the building.”

“Sitting by the fireplace in spring and winter…that’s one of our favorite pastimes after meals.”

 How do you feel about the winters here in Boston?

“Since I don’t have to go out, I love it. Even when we had some really big snow storms and it looked like fairy land for days. It’s beautiful to look at. Every window you look out…there’s a beautiful scene. I like the winter even more that the summer.

“What winter? We didn’t even have a winter here this year! [laugh]”

 What would you tell someone if they were curious about living at the BA?

If you love Christian Science and want to progress in a study of it, in the demonstration, this is an ideal place to make your home.

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