2018: A year to remember

What a year it was!  All the way from the Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation last winter to volunteers last summer to inspiring activities for The Residences at 910 this fall. Watch our 2-minute BA Yearbook Video for 2018. It’s a fun reminder of all the good this refuge provides for so many.

6 Responses to 2018: A year to remember

  1. Lovely!!! As a fortunate individual that has been privileged to spend time at the BA in rest and study, I loved the memories this clip brought back to me.

    What a blessing it is to visit the BA!!!

  2. Susan Renaud says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you to all for the love & healing in all seasons!!!
    With deep love & gratitude!!!

  3. CQ says:

    I agree with Patrick that this was a delight! Very well done in every way: Appropriate–and always rousing–music; a wide selection of activities, nicely divided by seasons; a couple of obligatory animal photos (the turkey mama and babies and the dog with the toy), which never cease to bring smiles; and a look at the newly trained Christian Science nurses, who are so needed, valuable, treasured.

    I, too, spent time at the BA, and though it was a decade ago, when my mother was so beautifully and lovingly cared for there, I remember every inch of the grounds and the building interiors, both of which I explored, and the faces of the compassionate staff, from the nurses on each nursing floor to the greeters at the residence entrance front desk.

    God bless the BA.

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