3 Simple Personal Health Care Goals for Your 2012 Resolutions

The following three goals are incredibly important for Christian Scientists when care is needed.They are fairly easy to achieve and, once accomplished, you should  review them each year.



  1.  Have a Health Care Proxy and distribute copies of your executed copy.
  2. If you are eligible for Medicare (and most Christian Scientists that are 65 or over are eligible for Medicare):
    • Keep your Medicare card in an easily accessible location (just as you do your Social Security card).
  3. If you have health care insurance policies:
    • Keep your policy(s) in an accessible location. You will need to bring the policy to a Christian Science facility in order for them to bill the insurance company.
    • Be familiar with the terms of your insurance. For instance, is pre-certification required prior to admission?
    • Be sure that your policy actually covers Christian Science benefits (for CS practitioners and/or CS nursing) if that is a benefit you requested.


I’m happy to talk with you and share our resources about any of these issues. Please email, write, or call with your questions. Or post your comments directly on this blog.

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  1. These are very helpful tips. I’ve already done two of them, and have to wait a few years before I can do the other. It wouldn’t hurt to remind us of the same things every January, Janiva! THANK YOU.

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