A New Jersey Sunday School Keeps Coming Back

Montclair NJ GraphicThe Christian Science Sunday School from Montclair, NJ loves their annual exploration visits to Boston.  And the mix of students, teachers, and parents brings so much joy and life to the BA community! 

This year the Montclair Sunday School group made it a springtime trip, and covered new territory in the area.  After a day of cultural and historical excursions, they topped it all off with a personalized tour of the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Building, followed by dinner in our Dining Room, and an evening of fun, games, and simply hanging out in the Living Room.

IMG_20140510_194948168 NJ SS 3
NJ SS 1 MBEL Atrium Dusk

Some of their Boston area destinations have included:

The Mother Church

The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Longyear Museum

Mary Baker Eddy Historic Houses

The Freedom Trail in downtown Boston

Minute Man National Historic Park in Concord, MA

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