“Niche” Community – Its attraction and pronunciation

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Growing up I only heard “niche” pronounced one way – as \’nich. Today I notice that the media has opted for ‘n?sh. How do you pronounce it and when did it change? But whether it is \’nich or \n?sh – living in a Niche Community, with the active practice of Christian Science as its core and focus, is appealing to an increasing number of people.

Those familiar with the BA and its founding know about its healing atmosphere. For those who come to live on the BA campus, there is a focus on church-related activities – such as programs at The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Longyear Museum, or local membership at The Mother Church. There is an opportunity to be a part of any number of church activities – all with staff, guests, and other residents who share the same support and love of church. And of course there is the rich diversity of educational, historical, and cultural activities that the Boston area is famous for, which are easily accessible from the BA campus.

For me the most appealing part of the BA’s community is the diversity of its guests and residents. Where else can you find a dynamic group like this?

  • Over 800 Rest & Study guests yearly
  • Hundreds of additional guests attending the 15 Christian Science Associations meeting yearly
  • Christian Science nurses from all over the US attending Training School classes throughout the year
  • Interns from The Mother Church and Longyear
  • Those needing housing on an interim basis who are new to the Boston area (subject to availability)
  • And 30+ BA Associates

I would like as many people as possible to experience the BA’s Niche Community. We have over 80 rooms in our Original Building, and there are weekends during our “high season” when they are all filled. But during our winter season we have a great many unoccupied rooms. For this winter season we have deeply discounted all of our room rates in the Original Building (from 40 – 60% off regular rates) for Rest & Study, Independent Living, and Interim Housing. And these great rates are available from November 15th to March 31st of 2012. Click here to see more details and for a downloadable flyer.

Come and experience the BA community!


One Response to “Niche” Community – Its attraction and pronunciation

  1. I’ve pronounced it both ways and both sound equally right to my ear, which is unusual (ordinarily one’s ear favors one pronunciation over another, as in potAAto or potaato, tomAATo or tomaato…. 🙂

    Beautiful photo of fall’s festive leaves, Patti!

    Thanks for the deeply discounted rates; hope they fill up fast.

    I have a friend who started nurses’ training there yesterday, so I’m paying extra close attention to the goings-on.


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