“A symbol of shelter, protection, and refuge…”

Hisorical Drawing of BA OB

“Imagine yourself traveling on a ship across the ocean 400 years ago. The voyage has been long and treacherous, the waves have endlessly tossed you about, and the storm is daunting. And then you see it – a single tree on a hill.” That’s how Alison Alioto, the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Administrator, begins her inspiring account of the BA’s origins. Listen to her describe the significance of Mrs. Eddy’s request for a sanatorium – a refuge for healing — and how the provision for the BA unfolded from there.

Click here to read the article “A Progressive Step” by Adam H. Dickey from the December 16, 1916 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.

7 Responses to “A symbol of shelter, protection, and refuge…”

  1. Connie Pierce says:

    Thank you! Beautifully said and so important today. We need to cherish our Christian Science nursing facilities as a “refuge for healing – “quick and whole healing!” All one has to do is walk in Chestnut Hill BA (or any other Christian Science nursing facility) and you feel the healing atmosphere. You are met with love and care. Priceless.

    So grateful,
    Connie Pierce

  2. June W Mather says:

    Alison, Thank you for putting this account together! I heard it at the BA Reps meeting and am so glad it’s available for others to hear.

  3. Chestnut Booth says:

    Allison, I’ve never heard the “single tree on a hill” story. What a wonderful nugget of history as well as a perfect metaphor for the BA. This podcast is a wonderful resource for Christian Science nurses, administrators, and boards of our facilities.


  4. Christine Polito says:

    What an inspiring and informative podcast, thank you! I’ve listened several times since first posted and gain fresh inspiration and insights each time! Thank you, Alison, and all at the CHBA for the vital Christian Science nursing and healing work going on, blessing all!

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