[audio] – Jack Russell terriers (and their friends) were right at home

“…feels like you’re way out in the country”

A diverse community, 24 acres of natural beauty, and just a few miles from The Mother Church – the BA offers just the right atmosphere for many Christian Scientists looking for interim housing. This month we hear from Mother Church workers who found just the right housing options here at the BA. Abe McLaughlin describes what he, his wife, and their two Jack Russell terriers, loved about their six weeks at the BA… Click audio control below to listen…



6 Responses to [audio] – Jack Russell terriers (and their friends) were right at home

  1. Perfectly delightful! Thanks for sending along, friends. John and I loved learning about those sweet doggies and their stay in one beautiful setting. I always loved visiting the BA, especially walking the grounds. A truly special (and healing) place to be.
    Much love to you all there,

  2. Laura in Maine says:

    It was the mention of the Jack Russell terriers that drew me in to listen, and sure enough, it was our friends! Didn’t know you had been at the BA, but what a wonderful demonstration. Our situation is a little different. Closing on our condo next week in Yarmouth, but no buyers for our home just yet, but it is ready and waiting to bless the next occupant. Best to you, Laura and Tony

  3. Nancy Martin says:

    What a lovely provision while members of our CS family…including their people…watched and waited in comfort to see how God would meet their future home needs. Chestnut Hill’s innovative flexibility is wonderful!

  4. Marion Harvey says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting all four of the McLaughlins (including the 4-footed members of the family) while they were here. We all enjoyed having the doggies (and their people)! They were the first canines to be “in residence” in the Original Building since the dogs Tom and I had here until about 3-4 years ago. I love what Janiva has to say in her “niche” blog about the diversity of the BA community – add spices of all flavors, mix, and enjoy! Give us a call anytime if you want fo find out more about it!

  5. Bruce says:

    Dear Friends,
    It is so good to hear of Abe and Jennifer’s experience in being here. I saw them often, being a staffer at the Front Desk, but didn’t know the whole story of their coming and enjoying the atmosphere and location – with their dogs, of course. It is wonderful to hear such things – a testimony of what we would expect people coming here would experience. It’s all a part of this community of folks who largely agree on the Truth of being in Christian Science and work at demonstrating it in their lives.

  6. Hi, Sharon! Figures you’d be in on a canine conversation!

    Marion, I remember hearing about your dog(s) when I stayed at the BA with my mom in Sept/Oct ’08. I think one of the nurses had a dog then, too — they stayed in the nurses’ house, I believe.

    Bruce, I hear your name whenever I call the BA, which is every once in a while.

    Jack Russells, good to catch up with you again — just a day after reading your dad’s online Sentinel story, which was featured in a TMC Youth e-mail this week: http://www.spirituality.com/article.jhtml?ElementId=/repositories/shcomarticle/May2011/1304602623.xml&ElementName=%22You%27re%20being%20mothered%20right%20now%22

    Hi, Laura and Nancy, though I didn’t know you before reading your comments, I’m glad to be part of the BA family with you.


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