[audio] Composer/Pianist Shares his Music and Lyrics

Greg Sahagen performing for the BA

Greg Sahagen loves sharing his musical talents as a regular volunteer for BA residents and guests.  In this podcast he tells the BA’s Monty Haas, “There’s a real appreciation here, and love and gratitude…there’s a grateful thought here.” He even wrote song lyrics about the loving care offered by Christian Science nurses. Click the audio play button below to hear his music, his thoughts, and his lyrics…

5 Responses to [audio] Composer/Pianist Shares his Music and Lyrics

  1. Cynthia says:

    Greg- this is inspiring!!! So grateful you shared your ideas and playing in this newsletter – wonderful! Want to hear more! Where?

  2. Mary Alyce Minor says:

    Hi — Really enjoyed this posting. Nice to know that the BA has such talented people willing to share their talents with the residences and guests. Gratitude is always wonderful to experience. Good musicianship is an expression of God — Love, Spirit & Soul. I wish Greg well in his efforts.

  3. Barbara Johnson says:

    Refreshing and thought provoking, as well as inspiring.

  4. CQ says:

    Greg’s spontaneity and joy are contagious!

    Guests surely look forward to his light-filled playing — and request encores!

  5. Sarah O'Brien says:

    Why not a show tune? One of the more inspiring musicals I ever saw was “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.” God smiles, maybe even laughs!!
    Thanks for your ideas and music, Greg.

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