[audio] “Thanks and Gratitude” – Comments that Mean So Much!

Sometimes we don’t realize how many people are helped or touched by our services  – which  is why it’s so special to share at least a few of the thoughtful messages we received this past year.
Click the play button below to hear what our guests told us…

Here’s a quote taken from one of the audio clips:

“Dear Friends, my appreciation for all the services and activities of Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association is always overflowing. I am very aware of the good care of all the Christian Science nurses toward their patients, of the lovely hospitality offered to Rest & Study guests, and of the wonderful support offered to Christian Science Associations that meet at the BA. As one who has witnessed all of these, it is with great joy that I enclose a check as a modest token of gratitude for the mission and accomplishments of the BA.”

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  1. gail orput says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful and inspiring!

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