[video] BA Art Tour – A Virtual Museum!

Walking through the halls of the BA may give you the impression that you’ve entered a fine arts museum. The extensive collection of artwork is an integral part of the warm and uplifting atmosphere offered by the BA. Framed works adorn the walls of patient rooms, living quarters, hallways, corridors, and meeting rooms. You’ll see a variety of styles and mediums representing nearly 100 years of creative expression. Most pieces were generously donated to the BA.

In the video below, join our Project Manager and resident art historian, Rebecca Clower, as she takes the BA’s Monty Haas on a 7-minute Art Tour…

4 Responses to [video] BA Art Tour – A Virtual Museum!

  1. Nan MacPhail says:

    Nice job!! I’m going to take a closer look the next time I visit the BA! Hi to Monty, too!

  2. Suzzy Morin says:

    Very nice art tour. Thank you. I have always been interested in the art works around the BA. I was especially pleased to get a glimpse of a watercolor done by my Dad in the 1960’s (?), a winter scene of Dartmouth Hall at Dartmouth College. At one time on the back of this picture, when it was hanging in one of the study rooms, was an explanation of the painting, written by two of his daughters during a visit to the BA in the late 1980’s.

  3. Dave Horn says:

    It’s a joy to see the BA so well-maintained and dearly loved. If the walls could speak, they would sing hymns of healing. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  4. Christine S. Polito says:

    Thank you for this lovely visit! It brought back many memories of the cherished CHBA and renewed gratitude, prayer, and loving support for the work, workers, and healing activity going on!

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