Chapel Improvements Complete

The next time you visit the Chapel at the Benevolent Association, take a minute to look around. Notice anything different? You might not see the improvements right away, but you will feel them! A new HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system with an electric heat pump and variable refrigerant flow has been installed, greatly improving temperature control in the Chapel. The new heating and cooling system is also much more energy efficient.

To install the new system, the original woodwork throughout the Chapel was carefully removed and replaced.

“We hid the units in the walls so ideally you won’t even know it’s there,” says Bryan Reed, Facility Manager at the BA. “When the original HVAC system was put in, it had huge ducts that were so loud it was hard to have a meeting. They would cool the system down ahead of time, turn it off, conduct the meeting, and when it got too hot they’d take a break and cool it down again. Now we can maintain a consistently comfortable temperature in all seasons.”

The new HVAC system also allowed the removal of a large air handling unit at the back of the Chapel. With that unit out of the way, the original woodwork and window have been revealed.

The audio/visual system in the Chapel will also be replaced with a modern mixing board, projector, camera, and computer system to run Zoom. This significant A/V upgrade will allow greater connectivity for all of the events held in the Chapel. Associations will be able to hold hybrid meetings with students joining in-person and online and Chapel activities such as the New England Conservatory concerts can now be broadcast to residents and patients on the Christian Science nursing floor.

“Providing access throughout our campus to the inspiring programming happening in the Chapel supports our healing mission,” says Janiva Toler, CEO of the Benevolent Association. “We’re immensely grateful to all our donors who helped make this possible.”

Before photo, showing the very large ducting in the previous system

After photo, showing that the large ducts have been removed

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