Did You Know That April 22nd Is Earth Day?

Just one individual can make a difference in protecting the earth’s environment. Earth Day 2011 is on April 22nd. Check out the BA’s Sustainability Policy; the BA actively monitors and encourages sustainable practices through strict recycling programs, reduced energy consumption, and local and vegetarian food offerings to reduce our carbon imprint.

Last year Earth Day Network set a goal of a Billion Acts of Green by 2012, and towards that goal worked with film director James Cameron (Avatar) to launch a one-million tree planting initiative. The Network is encouraging individuals and institutions across the world to organize and perform green acts during Earth Day, including getting pledges of environmental acts from as many people as possible. The intent is to bring awareness to the positive impact we can all make in our daily lives, knowing that every small act counts.

Post your earth friendly ideas on the BA’s Facebook page.

Click Here to learn more about Earth Day and to view an organizers guide.

2 Responses to Did You Know That April 22nd Is Earth Day?

  1. Yvonne says:

    How wonderful of you to lead by example! It makes so much sense that a nursing consciousness would be tangibly expressed in this way!

  2. Paul says:

    Here are comments from a BA staff member suggesting a “just one thing” approach to a greener lifestyle…

    “I have over the last two years worked with my family to adopt a “just one thing” policy. It is very simple and probably many people already do this, but I would like to mention it.

    “What it involves is not being overwhelmed by many of the demands for environmental review that people want you to participate in — such as calls to examine your “carbon footprint”. Who has time to examine where the parts for their cars were manufactured and whether or not it was done in a responsible way. People get turned off by this and start to think that environmental change is difficult or nerdy and go back to lazy ways of thinking and acting.

    “What I want people to do is to commit to making a single permanent change in their lifestyle that would impact the environment in a positive way. The choices are endless and are not overwhelming: a family walk, purchasing locally grown vegetables, cloth bags, laundry on the line in good weather, recycling, least amount of packaging, recycling yard waste and leaves back into your lawn, etc. All simple everyday stuff.

    “If people here at the BA would commit to one change and encourage their family and friends to change “just one thing” in their lives it would do a world of good.”


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