Ethics in Business – a spiritual perspective

Deanna Mummert

During a visit to the BA this past year, Christian Scientist and Bible Scholar Deanna Mummert spoke with the BA’s  Monty Haas about experiences and insights she gained while teaching Ethics to M.B.A. students at Johns Hopkins University. Deanna said, “The students would bring up the issue of God a lot in class. I can’t, and you could never as a professor bring it up…but if the students bring it up, you can certainly answer questions and let the discussion flow…I recognized how our spiritual thoughts really guide us in everything we do.”


In the clip below, Deanna talks about how important it is for individuals in the business world to be guided by their personal, moral compasses.

2 Responses to Ethics in Business – a spiritual perspective

  1. Jan True says:

    Appreciate Deanna’s comments very much.

  2. Creatures says:

    Excellent thoughts, Diana.

    I hope my website is an example of your statement about being guided by our individual moral compass — a moral compass that lifts societal ethics and brings about ever-more-just, righteous, and humane laws.

    Thank you for encouraging students to find and employ their highest understanding of right. Based on spiritual evolution, right-thinking, right-feeling and right-doing in one era should exceed the previous generation’s concept of morality.

    James Russell Lowell said as much when he wrote in his 1844 abolitionist poem, The Present Crisis:

    “New occasions teach new duties; Time makes ancient good uncouth;
    They must upward still, and onward, who would keep abreast of Truth;….”
    (Those lines can be found in the poem’s last verse and are quoted in the Chapter 1 Introduction of Creature Quotes.)

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