Gratitude Grows on the Garden Floor

It’s no secret that gardening is a favorite pastime at the BA–from residents to associates, many on campus find joy in nurturing a garden. And now that joy extends to the Garden Floor of the Christian Science Nursing Building where patients are participating in a project affectionately named, ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’.

Led by Christian Science Nursing Activities Coordinator Justine Kibbe, patients have planted seeds for a variety of herbs including basil, chives, sage, mint and lavender. 

“This project is a gift of gratitude from the patients here on the Garden Floor to our great folks in the kitchen,” said Kibbe. “We are looking forward to growing herbs that they can use in the delicious meals they prepare.”

The seedling herbs live on the gardening cart in the Activities Room, where they receive excellent sunlight and are portable. Wildflower seeds have also been started for a butterfly garden that will be planted on the hillside just outside the window of the Activities Room.  

“We continue to sow seeds of gratitude,” said Kibbe. “And are happy to be active participants in spring’s bright outlook, to partake in her seasonal rhythm and the dance within the natural world- just outside our windows!”

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