Handmade at the Holidays

There’s nothing better than receiving a handmade gift at the holidays. So, imagine the joy of the Christian Science nurses at the BA as they opened several boxes full of handmade blankets and shawls for our patients! More than 20 pieces were inside, each with an intricate pattern and made from a variety of vibrant colors.

“This is the most beautiful gift,” said Kathy Glover, Director of Christian Science Nursing at the BA. “You can just feel the love that went into creating these pieces. And to be able to share these with our patients is very special.”

The blankets and shawls were knit by a former Christian Science nurse, who paid special attention to making them a manageable size, and fully washable.

“We are deeply grateful for all the ways people support the healing mission of the BA,” said Kathy. “And these gifts will be treasured for years to come.”


3 Responses to Handmade at the Holidays

  1. Jan in Laguna Hills, CA says:

    How very delightful and practical!

  2. Barbara Fay Wiese says:

    Love made manifest! I am adding it to my list of things to be grateful for today.

  3. Colette Cadwell says:

    This filled my heart with joy!
    Others may want to also knit or crochet afghans. Optimum measurements would be helpful.

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