Their hearts and music belong to Christian Science nursing

KathyandChar1Here at the BA we fully embrace and integrate music whether it is a community event in our Chapel, or on the Christian Science nursing floor.

Singer, songwriter, and performers – Kathy Glover, Director of Christian Science nursing, and Christian Science nurse and mentor, Char Beck re-united at the BA in 2004. Shortly after, co-workers, nurse trainees, patients and their families wanted to hear their healing music, and requests for a CD began pouring in. In 2008 Kathy and Char recorded their music.

Below is “Praise the Lord” from their CD Inhabiting Eternity. You can purchase on their website: kathyandchar.comInhabiting Eternity

10 Responses to Their hearts and music belong to Christian Science nursing

  1. Laurie Haas says:

    Inhabiting Eternity is a joy – if it were vinyl my copy would be worn out! It truly helps me “rise and shine.”

    • Char says:

      Thank you Laurie for your kind comments. So glad to know “Inhabiting Etenrity” has brought joy and inspiration to your day. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Kathy and Char

  2. Pete Black says:

    Beautiful – started with the “Praise the Lord” sample and about to order the full CD! 🙂

  3. Cathy Dorrance says:

    Simply beautiful. The entire CD is a heaven-sent symphony of Soul. Thank you for the privilege.

    • Char says:

      Thank you so much, Cathy. We truly feel the songs we sing come from Soul. We are so grateful for the opportunity to record and share the Christ-message. Your support is so appreciated. Kathy and Char

  4. ML says:

    This CD is indeed a wonderful expression of Soul. It’s my go-to CD for inspirational music. Many an unsettled moment has been restored to peace and harmony by the inspiration I’ve received from listening to this CD. Thank you both for sharing your gift!

    • Char says:

      Thank you, ML for your thoughtful comments. So grateful to hear how the Christ is speaking to the hearts of listeners and bringing needed comfort and inspiration. Kathy and Char

  5. Kathryn Price says:

    Kathy and Char would come to our classroom at Chestnut Hill to woo our hearts and heal us with their songs. It was simple, it moved me quite a lot.

    • Char says:

      Lovely hearing from you, Kathryn. It is always a joy to sing with the Christian Science nursing arts classes; we feel so blessed in sharing the message of the Christ. Thank you for sharing too! Kathy and Char

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