Inspiration on Independence Day (video)

White Flowers in front of the Flag

Enjoy this short inspirational video — we thought it helped to bring a deeper and more spiritual perspective to Independence Day. Share your thoughts on Independence Day below.

4 Responses to Inspiration on Independence Day (video)

  1. Donna Poole says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! Mrs Eddy’s quote is timeless, uplifting and perfect. Thank you for putting this on the BA website.

  2. Rob Nofsinger says:

    You all did a beautiful job! It’s great to see the flagpole restored to glory 🙂

  3. Dick Upshaw says:

    As an inactive US Marine, I can tell you how wonderfully inspiring it was for me to view this, and see how closely juxtaposed to the support of our great nation as was our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and the Christian Science Movement!

  4. Sherrill Cook says:

    Beautiful video. I love our flag blowing in the breezes. Thank you.

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