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The Residences at 910


The BA’s residential services are being transformed. For too long this vital service offered by the BA to senior Christian Scientists has been hidden on its 24-acre campus. To bring clarity and attention to this distinct and important service we’re launching a new name and look.

For those unfamiliar with its history, here is a short timeline of residential services at the BA:

  • 1916 — The Christian Science Benevolent Association was founded by the The Christian Science Board of Directors.
  • 1975 — The Christian Science Board of Directors closed Pleasant View in New Hampshire and many residents were transferred to the BA to live. This began residential services at the BA.
  • 1981 — The Christian Science Board of Directors turned the BA over to the Field, including its Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science nurses training, Rest & Study, and the residential services.

An inspired and sustainable solvency

Fall 2012 option 4

Two years ago we realized that the financial model that had been established and maintained for almost a century at the BA needed transformation. There was a need for a financial transformation at the BA — to an inspired and sustainable solvency as a model. This was for all of our services — from our core mission of Christian Science nursing to our residential services.

As we have worked over the last 22 months with the ideas of financial transformation, many exciting things have been happening for the BA. Today I’m focusing on some of the wonderful things that have been happening in our residential services.

Strong Progress

  • We have now established 32 apartments in our Original Building that will serve only senior residents. Having established a standard for our residential apartments for carpet, paint, and fixtures, we are working to upgrade all remaining apartments to this standard.
  • Two years ago we received an endowment following the closing of Daystar Home, a residential home for Christian Scientists in the Boston area. This gift allows us to subsidize 6-8 of our residential apartments. This has been a long-cherished desire of ours to be able to support those who have so lovingly served our Cause.GQgA6rVv6W3x1nToPTPu_1QuLq81Mg2hydlbz84BUe8
  • We have begun work on a number of repairs to our Original Building. These include upgrades and improvements to common areas — such as the Dining Room — as funds become available.
  • We have hired a Leasing Agent to help us lease each remaining apartment as soon as it is upgraded with the new standard.
  • To further streamline and strengthen management, we are advertising for a General Manager for our Original Building who will oversee and manage housing for all residents and guests.
  • We have such gratitude for our wonderful residents — as each new resident arrives they bring freshness and vitality to the community. They all serve to inspire those of us who live and work alongside them.

A distinct identity for residential services

112910_BA Fireplace images_Pat Hickey_hi_0032While we at the BA see and feel the effects of transformation on our residential services, we know that many Christian Scientists are unaware that the BA even offers residential services, and many have misconceptions about what it is, and even where it is located.

So to better define this wonderful activity and to bring clarity to the distinct identity that is being expressed by our residential services, this week we launched a new name:  The Residences at 910. Our new Residences at 910 website is now active , and we will be sending postcards, flyers, as well as blogging and tweeting about The Residences at 910.

Debeth Gooding picWe invite you to check out our new website, www.residences910.org. Contact us to schedule a free trial stay or for more information.

Call our Leasing Agent, Debeth Gooding, at 617-734-5600 or email residences910@chbenevolent.org, to talk about living at The Residences at 910.

I welcome your questions which you can leave below or email me at jtoler@chbenevolent.org.

P.S. Check out the virtual tour video for The Residences at 910

6 Responses to Janiva’s Blog

  1. Bruce Fraser says:

    Wonderful progress!! –am sorry that the 1981 caption did not use the words “complete responsibility for the ownership and operation” as per the 1981 C S Journal article and add to that phrase including financial.

  2. Warren Clinton says:

    A wonderful progressive step. I enjoy staying at the BA each time I am in Boston. I meet and have breakfast with some of the residents each time I am there. I am sure there are people who will take advantage of these new apartments.

  3. Will there still be rooms available for short interval stays for “Rest and Study” ? I had a wonderful opportunity last December midst the howling snowstorms and feet of snow to visit the BA for a week. The cozy, quiet atmosphere for study, the warmth of the staff, the wonderful meals, the joy of being with others who were studying and enjoying was WONDERFUL!!! What a delightful place and what a treasured escape from “daily doings” to spend time deep in thought.

    Congratulations and all good thoughts to you for the progress that is evident, the dedication of the staff and the listening for guidance that is so evident at the BA.

    • pwoodsum says:

      Our Rest & Study remains strong with 700 to 800 guests yearly. We hope to see you again soon! Please be sure to contact us to reserve a room, there are times during the spring and fall when we fill up early because of association meetings, Mother Church Annual Meeting, etc.

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