Inspiring music from two Christian Science nurses — Kathy and Char

Make a joyful noise unto God (Ps. 66:1)

The music of Kathy Glover and Char Beck is filled with messages of comfort and healing. And if you’re in Boston for Annual Meeting this year, stop by the BA’s Chapel Monday evening, June 6th at 7:00 for a Songfest with Kathy and Char.

Kathy and Char both grew up making music and sharing their talents with a wide range of audiences. Their careers in Christian Science nursing brought them together in Boston in 2004 – Kathy from Dallas, Texas, and Char from British Columbia, Canada. Here at the BA their love of both Christian Science and music brings comfort and joy to patients.

Their live performances, offering a contemporary and upbeat sound, have been heard by larger audiences in New England, and their CD is reaching listeners around the world.

Kathy and Char are Christian Science nurses here at the BA, and their CD – Inhabiting Eternity – is sold at Christian Science Reading Rooms, and Click here to listen to audio samples

We hope to see you here on Monday evening, June 6th for a joyous evening of music!

8 Responses to Inspiring music from two Christian Science nurses — Kathy and Char

  1. Richard Asher says:

    I purchased the CD entitled Inhabiting Eternity and have found it to be full of healing ideas and very inspiring. I love it. My favorite song is “Here I am Lord.” I wish that I could be there just to hear their performance. I live in the Los Angeles area and would be interested in hearing their songs if they ever come to the West Coast. I am with gratitude and thanks for their healing gift of song.

    • Janiva says:

      Thank you for your comments regarding Kathy & Char’s inspiring songs which we passed along to them. It is such a joy for us at the BA to hear their voices lifted in song on a regular basis for hymn sings, in patient’s rooms and for our CS Nurses Training classes!

  2. Diane Dyer says:

    Will Kathy and Char record another CD in the future? I love Inhabiting Eternity! A big thank you to them.



    • Janiva says:

      We passed along your thank you to Kathy & Char! They said there is nothing in the works at the moment for a next CD, but they are grateful for the many requests. And they are very open to recording another CD.

  3. Holly says:

    I also love the music on their CD. I’m hoping that they submitted at least a couple of their songs to the new CS hymnal. ?

    • Janiva says:

      Yes, I checked in with Kathy & Char and found that Char did submit a few songs from Inhabiting Eternity for the new Hymnal Supplement.

  4. Dean Wolfe says:

    I would echo the desire for a ‘sequel’ CD. Their work will stand as one of the best in the CS recording ‘canon’. I love my copy and my little Ben (5) listened to it most when he wasn’t feeling well (and got all better)

  5. Laurie Haas says:

    My husband and I were catching up with a friend who is cherishing her spiritual growth. She was beside herself with joy when we played “Here I am, Lord” from Inhabiting Eternity, and immediately began singing along, praising the beautiful cello, smiling and nodding with the familiar passages. When she missed a word or two, she excitedly explained that she had sung the song at age 12 in her church choir and still frequently sings it to herself some 30 years later, but hadn’t heard it once over the years. Of course she went home with our copy of the CD. She plans to visit a Christian Science Reading Room to buy another for her mom.

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