Life at the BA – Why it is so appealing!

Janiva's Blog Template Life at the BAThe History of Our Residents

The Mother Church closed Pleasant View in Concord, New Hampshire in 1975 and moved a number of the residents to the Benevolent Association. Senior Christian Scientists have been living as residents on our Chestnut Hill campus ever since. Each decade has brought new residents and an expanded view of home. Today’s residents bring their own vibrant sense of home and family to the campus, and I’d like to share some of those attractive qualities with you:

Appeal of a Niche Community

The BA’s “niche community,” where we all share common interests, lifestyle, and religion, is one of the primary attractions for residents here.  As one resident commented, “I never realized that living in a community of like-minded individuals with the same religion and lifestyle could be so uplifting.”

“I’m not just here to put my feet up and sit back…I’m here to work.”
– Nancee Jo Roche

Here to work, watch and pray - Nance Jo Roche

A Spiritual Focus

Hear how important it is to our residents to live in a community of active Christian Scientists, with a healing atmosphere. Hear Nancee Jo Roche talk about this in the interview, “Here to Work, Watch, and Pray.”  And you can hear Kay Colvin talk about the spiritual focus at the BA in “A new adventure with a new family”.


Christian Science CenterChurch-Related Activities

You would expect that the BA’s niche community offers a focus on church-related activities – such as programs at The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Longyear Museum, or local membership at The Mother Church. There is an opportunity to be a part of any number of church activities, and all with staff and other residents who share the same support and love of church. Watch this video where Monty Haas takes us to the Christian Science Plaza and identifies some of the gems only 4 miles from the BA – 4 Gems 4 Miles from the BA.


Emerald Necklace - Swan Boat SquareBoston’s Rich Diversity of Activities

I’m sure you know of the educational, historical, and cultural activities that the Boston area is famous for, and which are easily accessible from the BA campus. But how active are the residents? Watch this 90-second log of BA activities from the summer of 2014 – “ Summer Rewind – Fun Times at the BA”.


4 Seasons and 4 Reasons – Let’s talk about the snow this year!

Are there too many leaves to rake in the fall? Is there too much snow to shovel in the winter?  Well, if you ask us, we are giddy with excitement when we see the first golden leaf fall or the first snowflake fly!  That’s when we start planning fall color tours, sleigh rides, Lilac Sundays and Charles River festivities. There’s no place else we’d rather be to experience the joy and unfoldment of God’s ideas every season in beautiful Boston. Watch our video ”4Seasons and 4 Reasons” to see why we love every season at the BA!

Is It Affordable?

You have to consider the practical question of costs. Can you afford to live at the BA? Your monthly apartment rate at the BA is all-inclusive and therefore more affordable than the rate may look initially. Our handy Cost Comparison Sheet helps you compare “apples to apples” as you factor in the hidden monthly costs you are incurring for repairs, landscaping, plowing, housekeeping, meals, utilities, Wi-Fi, and cable – to name a few.

Debeth Gooding picCurrent Incentive

To make it even more affordable, our current incentive is 10% off your monthly rent for 12 months if your application is received by March 31, 2015.

If you would like to know more about this truly unique community of Christian Scientists, be in touch. We would love to talk with you. Debeth Gooding is the BA’s Leasing Agent for our residential apartments and you can be in touch with her by phone or e-mail. Her contact information is Debeth Gooding / /617-734-5600.

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