Find out how downsizing expanded this resident’s experience

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Nancy Christopher sold her condo and moved into one of the BA’s Independent Living apartments seven months after visiting.

Living at the BA has helped Nancy simplify her life. “I wanted to really get down to the basics and just find a place that had a spiritual atmosphere,” she says. Nancy has felt more connected to the world since downsizing and moving to the BA.

While some people have asked her if she feels cut off from the world, she states, “Actually quite the contrary. I feel immersed in the best of the world.”

Find out what living at the BA is like from a current resident’s perspective.

Listen to this podcast to hear Nancy’s journey.

3 Responses to Find out how downsizing expanded this resident’s experience

  1. Deanna Mummert says:

    What a lovely interview. Nancy, so glad you are there to bless all! Congratulations on your move and the support in writing your book. Yes, the BA is a wonderful place to be. Much joy – Deanna

  2. Nancy Boswell Forest says:

    Nancy! What a wonderful interview! You obviously have shown how full your life is there at the BA, and what a blessing you are! Your talents and interests are such a great fit. Abundance of good all around.
    Much love,
    the “other Nancy” 😉

  3. Anthony Beasley says:


    Hello my dear friend! So glad to see you are well and finding peace at the BA. Happy you are in your right place surrounded with the love of God!

    Much love,
    Anthony Beasley
    Christian Science Nurse

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