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Kathy and Char

Healing Music

When Director of Christian Science Nursing, Kathy Glover, and Char Beck, mentor/instructor in the Christian Science Nursing Arts, each came to the BA in 2004, they brought a deep love for Christian Science nursing, along with a shared love for music – particularly hymns and songs with a comforting and healing message. They had sung together in earlier years when attending nursing conferences, but now the message of their sacred songs was inspiring and uplifting patients, as well as nurses in the Christian Science Nursing Arts classes.

Kathy learned to play folk guitar at an early age and studied classical guitar. She majored in vocal performance and musical theatre, and for years has expressed her love of music and church through soloing.

Char studied classical piano and voice and took up folk guitar. They both have roots in folk music, and the sacred songs and hymns they sing are adapted and arranged with upbeat, contemporary folk stylings. Kathy sings melody and plays guitar; Char adds harmony and accompanies with guitar or piano.

Shortly after re-uniting at the BA in 2004, they received invitations to perform, and since 2006 have scheduled a modest number of performances here at the BA including several Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation ceremonies, at Longyear Museum, branch churches, and The Mother Church Reading Room. Meanwhile, co-workers, nurse trainees, patients and their families wanted to hear their healing music in other settings, and requests for a CD began pouring in. In 2008 Kathy and Char recorded Inhabiting Eternity. They have received many letters and cards expressing gratitude for the recording.

These two Christian Science nurses continue to devote their love of music to their patients and their nursing activities. Although they occasionally respond to live performance requests, their hearts – and their music – belong to Christian Science nursing.


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  1. Lorraine J. Armentrout, C.S. says:

    The CD sounds delightful and I would like to order a copy. Is this possible?
    All the love of love,

    • Janiva says:

      Yes, the CD is delightful, and we will put you in contact with the artists so that they can fulfill your order.
      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Corinne says:

    Oh! You are both so beautiful! Thank you precious women, for radiating in such unique, yet universal ways the love of LIFE and all that includes.

    With all my heart,


  3. Barbara Fay Wiese says:

    This CD is showering blessings all over! The Christian Science Society to which I belong is small and at present has no pianist or soloist. We rely on Cds for our solos, and Inhabiting Eternity is high on my list as such a resource. Of the many CDs I have found that have music appropriate for church solos, this one truly carries with it a strong sense of the healing Christ. We could use a volume II . . . .

  4. John F. URE says:


    I don’t have your CD yet, but have heard part of it at our RR. Bless you two for such beautiful and
    dedicated work.

    John Ure

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Your CD is one of my favorites. I’m so grateful you’re incorporating your outstanding musical talent into your nursing work.

    Have you submitted any of the songs on your CD for publication in the upcoming Christian Science Hymnal Supplement? Two that I would especially love to sing in church are “Here I Am, Lord” and “Inhabiting Eternity.”

    Perhaps they would work better as solos–you are a better judge of this than I. One way or another I think they would inspire all who heard them in a church service.

    Thanks again for your dedicated work as nurses and musicians.


  6. Dianne Hannigan says:

    Your CD is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to share your talent. I also agree with a previous post . . . I would welcome a Volume 2.

    Thank You

  7. Lisa says:

    I discovered this CD last week after a sharp work experience left me deeply searching for character transformation and an absolute revision of human history and expunging of the material record. Of all the CDs I brought home, this was the one I kept, and listened to it repeatedly for several days, then had occasion to pass it along.

    The occasion began with a quick trip before church to look at a rug and toy bin advertised on craigslist for my grandson’s room. He and my daughter are moving back home from across country in a couple weeks.

    I liked the rug, and told the young woman who had been playing street hockey with her two small children that when my daughter returned (if the rug and toy bin were still available) she would come look at it to make the final decision. The woman unhesitatingly told me she was having brain surgery in two days and wanted me to take the rug and bin and give it to my daughter. She said if my daughter didn’t like them, she could sell them and get something she liked instead. We were on holy ground then.

    She said she didn’t need the money and had been learning lately that our true purpose in life is to see another’s need and meet it.

    I immediately told her of my own work of the past six days and asked her if she liked music. She did, and I told her about the beautiful CD in my car’s player. She said that was a good trade. (The $400 (new) rug & bin were listed at $120.)

    May there be more chapters to this story within a story within a story of love. Is that what All in All means? As in heaven, so on earth?

    I do owe our Reading Room another copy of the CD to replace the one I gave away, and am purchasing one for another friend living with the claim of returned stage 4 cancer. A member of another faith with a pastor radically opposed to Christian Science based on his family’s history, my friend has freely shared Bible passages and Christian music with me over our 30 years of knowing one another. I know she will be blessed by these harmonies of Soul.

    Thank you for the beautiful expressions of love reflecting Love, Soul, Spirit, and Life, and for being in this All-in-Allness.

    • Dear Lisa,
      Thank you for sharing your remarkable story of Love reflected in love, on our BA website. We are so grateful to hear that the songs on our CD, “Inhabiting Eternity” so clearly spoke to your need and impelled your sharing it’s Christly message with others. With much love and gratitude, Char and Kathy

  8. Dear Kathy and Char,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful CD.

    I purchased and downloaded it from

    On Sunday mornings before the start of church services, I play tracks from it for United States Marines who are in Bootcamp in San Diego.

    They have one-morning-a-week’s break from their demanding training. Hearing you sing these songs helps sustain them all week long.

    They are sincere and delighted with the messages, especially in “Here I Am, Lord” and “I Have Chosen The Way of Truth.” They identify with…
    (1) answering God’s call in “Here I am, Lord,” having heard His call to defend freedom and stand guard to keep us safe, and
    (2) “[choosing] the way of [God’s] Truth” and expressing His integrity.

    Since it was downloaded, I was wondering how I could get copies of the lyrics, so the men could read them and follow the words while they listen. It would give them a fuller, clearer understanding.

    In our current group of attendees, none of the men had any previous exposure to Christian Science before they came to Bootcamp.

    Could you kindly advise me how I could get the lyrics, please?

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for this precious music!


    Victoria Taylor

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