A tribute to our magnolia tree

If you’ve visited the BA in early spring, then you’ve seen our iconic magnolia tree in its full glory. Beautiful light-pink buds unfurl into nearly white flowers. The magnolia promises that summer is fast approaching.

Enjoy the following images!

If you know any facts about our magnolia that can shed light on its story, or if you have memories from the BA that include the tree, please share in the comment section following the photographs.

Magnolia tree-1020145 
Magnolia tree-1020945 
Magnolia tree-1020537 
Magnolia tree-1030064 
Magnolia tree-1020578 
Magnolia tree-1030096

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  1. Paula Brensinger says:

    I recall when the tree was hit and broken pretty badly in a really big snow or ice storm a few years back. Of course, the entire BA community was hoping our beloved tree would be OK. I’d heard that a master gardner thought it might never recover. I had a chat with Peter who was about to prune it,later that spring, and I asked him whether it wouldn’t always look damaged, even though it had managed to survive the winter. He said he’d been taught to “look for the little tree inside the big tree” when pruning and it was clear when he was finished that he’d truly seen the essence of that magnolia tree. And now it’s once again, our Magnificent Magnolia. The little one on the same lawn has great promise, too.

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