Podcast Interview: From theater to activities at the BA

1Merrie Mizaras, the BA’s Activities Coordinator, cannot help but bubble with excitement when she talks about all the opportunities for senior living at the BA. Listen as she shares her journey from theater to real estate and back into theater. Merrie gives us an inside look at how she and the BA’s residents take on Boston — from local theater to the beach.



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  1. Dave Horn says:

    Wonderful to know Merrie is back at the BA. We were friends back in ’81 when she worked with Nancy Lamb, ushered in TMC and volunteered at the BA. At one usher meeting, she told us all the BA guests were glad to see her when she came once a week to feed them. Someone commented, “I’d be glad to see you too, if you only fed me once a week.” Still chuckling over that moment. Welcome home, Merrie.

  2. T. Jewell Collins says:

    It’s evident from what you’ve already done that the B.A. residents are in for more unique experiences! By the way, you wouldn’t be related to Grace Mizaras, would you? She was at the Publishing Society when I was first there from 1951 to 1956, and we became friends at that time.

    • Merrie says:

      Yes, my dearly beloved Auntie Gracie, my father’s sister… she loved working at the Publishing House! and was a good family friend of Nell Shelton… who you might remember! thanks for reminding me of those times…

  3. Marilyn Crowley says:

    I know your talents will bring many fun and interesting things to the B.A. I remember you from Local Activities and just “being around” The Mother Church. Marilyn Crowley

    • Merrie says:

      Oh, thank you, Marilyn, I remember you as well !… it was a sweet time of fellowship! smile…… I actually met up with Lynn Kendrick out in the San Francisco area a few years ago …. do you remember! and Fran Van Ness…. California calls so many of us! still it’s so lovely to be back in Boston!

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