[Podcast] The Perks of Living in Boston

An interview with Janiva Toler

Click the play button below to hear Janiva describe how even a true Texan can make Boston home…

Boston First Church of Christ ScientistPicture of Boston GardenHarvard University tower


4 Responses to [Podcast] The Perks of Living in Boston

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Janiva,
    That was a wonderful expose on living in Boston. Yes, there is so much to take advantage of, and you brought out so many reasons for enjoying life – because it can be so full of variety in so many spheres of living, that one can never feel bored or alone there. I miss living there, especially being a part of The Mother Church, the BA and Longyear – being able to visit Mrs. Eddy’s homes – such a short distance away – and to talk with those who are in the vicinity and who take care of these homes for us to enjoy. Thank you, it was a joy to tune in. One thing I don’t truly miss, is the amount of snow that Boston gets – the shoveling was something else to contend with – but the cleanliness and beauty of fresh fallen snow, is a beauty that is rare and incomparable. Love to all.
    Mary Vig.

  2. T. Jewell Collilns says:

    Such an inviting presentation of what awaits residents of the B.A. as they explore their new environment! It would be like returning home to live in the Boston area again, especially at the BA! Maybe sometime!

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