[podcast] What it's like to work at a Christian Science facility

Joe Blanchad

Joe Blanchard

How do you maintain the highest standards of food services, housekeeping, and sustainability in a Christian Science facility like the BA? In this interview with Monty Haas, the BA’s Hospitality Services General Manager, Joe Blanchard, shares his perspective.

Listen to this downloadable podcast, and hear Joe describe how he embraces the mission of the BA…

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FYI: We are offering this month’s audio interview in a downloadable MP3 podcast format to give you the option of listening to it on your computer or portable audio device. Please let us know what you think!


One Response to [podcast] What it's like to work at a Christian Science facility

  1. Creatures says:

    What an absolutely delightful interview! I loved listening to every minute of it, especially the veggie part. Thank you for that addition, Mr. Blanchard.

    When I was a guest and my mom was on the nursing floor, I enjoyed numerous vegan meals. I imagine the demand for animal-free food has only increased in the past four years.

    A minor addition to your list of who benefits from meatless Mondays, Mr. Blanchard. You mentioned that the vegetarians are happy, that the environment is helped and that the budget thrives. The oversight? The animals! They’re the happiest of all. 🙂

    And don’t those mutual benefits prove the truth of Mrs. Eddy’s observation, “What blesses one blesses all…”?

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