Press Release: Gift from Daystar Foundation to the BA

OB cupola croppedWe are pleased to announce a gift from the Daystar Foundation to Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association. The assets of Daystar Foundation and Home of Needham, Massachusetts have been given to the Benevolent Association in support of the BA’s Independent Living.

This loving gift will be used to establish a fund (The Daystar Subsidy Fund) which will subsidize several Independent Living apartments at the BA. This is a great blessing for senior Christian Scientists seeking affordable housing and a great blessing for the Benevolent Association. We have included the full announcement from the Daystar trustees below.

FEBRUARY 13, 2014



We are very pleased to announce the successful completion of a plan to gift the assets of the Daystar Foundation and Home of Needham, MA, to Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association. This gift will be established as a fund (The Daystar Subsidy Fund) in support of the BA’s Independent Living.

The Daystar Foundation was established in the 1960’s by Christian Scientists from many Boston-area churches with the purpose of providing affordable housing for senior Christian Scientists. Since 1971, the Daystar Home has opened its doors to hundreds of residents. Throughout this time Daystar and the Benevolent Association have enjoyed a close, mutually-supportive relationship.

In recent years, the needs of the field have changed, and after much consideration and prayer, the Daystar Trustees have decided that Daystar’s original mission could best be continued by consolidating all assets in support of the BA’s Independent Living. The BA is well suited to be able to maintain a well-equipped facility and comprehensive program that can serve Christian Scientists well into the future.

In March of 2013 the remaining residents of Daystar moved to the BA in anticipation of the completion of this plan.  Today we gratefully acknowledge that this transition, although long in the making, is complete and on solid ground.

Finally, it seems appropriate and important to thank all those who have served this idea of Home so selflessly over the years.  This includes many branch church members from the greater Boston area; individuals who have served as trustees, employees and volunteers; Christian Science nursing staff from the BA and elsewhere; Christian Science practitioners from all over, and of course the residents and their families- all of whom have contributed their part in demonstrating an idea that Mrs. Eddy quite simply referred to as “the dearest spot on earth.”

The Daystar Foundation Trustees

Bonnie Turrentine- Needham, MA
Thomas Shea- Westwood, MA
Ross Atkin- Needham, MA
Kathy Cramer- Wellesley, MA
Marilyn Gardner- Needham, MA

 # # #


To learn more, please contact
Janiva Toler, Executive Director
Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association
617-734-5600 ext. 2124
WEB:  chbenevolent.loc
TWITTER:  @chbenevolent

2 Responses to Press Release: Gift from Daystar Foundation to the BA

  1. This is a beautiful letter. Thank you.

  2. Mary Ellen Barrett, C.S. says:

    Oh DAYSTAR, one of the loves of my life. You could not be in a better place
    at this time. Thank you for all the good in the past and now for the future as
    you unite with our blessed B.A. Forward, together we march, to the tune of Love’s plan. Sincerely, Mary Ellen Barrett

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