Question: How can Boomers learn more about Medicare?

For Boomers approaching Medicare age, what are good resources to learn more about Medicare?

I’ve been thinking about what resources are out there for baby boomers wanting to learn more about Medicare. My go-to website for Medicare is definitely the government site It’s user-friendly and comprehensive. But there are other helpful resources that you should check out. One is – you may be familiar with AARP which is for people 50 and over.

A recent article, Medicare Starter Kit – What you most need to know, featured Eight Top Medicare Do’s & Don’ts along with easy to understand explanations. Here are five of the Top eight Do’s and Don’ts…

  1. Do give yourself time to learn about Medicare
  2. Don’t expect to be notified when it’s time to sign up
  3. Do enroll when you’re supposed to
  4. Don’t despair if you haven’t worked long enough to qualify
  5. Don’t expect that Medicare covers everything

Remember, when you look at sites such as or, you will not see Q&A’s about the RNHCI (religious nonmedical health care institution), which is the government’s designation for Christian Science nursing facilities. RNHCI’s (such as the BA) are covered under Part A (Hospital) in Original Medicare, and claims have been paid to our Medicare provider CS facilities since the 1960’s. For Q&A’s specific to RNHCI’s, see my Healthcare & CS Benefits Blogs.

Please post any insurance or Medicare questions that you would like answered in future blogs.

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