[video] The BA's Soul-Inspired Paths

Visitors often tell us how the beautiful gardens and paths surrounding the BA bring them a sense of spiritual peace and harmony. Some have told us they can feel the presence of Soul here. Enjoy this 2-minute springtime stroll around the BA campus and hear guests and former patients talk about the healing atmosphere.

5 Responses to [video] The BA's Soul-Inspired Paths

  1. I enjoyed revisiting the BA grounds tour . . . . brings back fond memories from 50 years ago this month when I started work on those same grounds for a summer job when I was in university. I’m coming back this week for a visit to turn back the clock for a short time!!

  2. Sussie says:

    What a lovely and inspiring video! Almost as lovely and inspiring as actually being at the BA! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Dave Horn says:

    Such a warm reminder of the years I served as aweekly BA volunteer back in the ’70s — reading to patients or writing letters for them, or taking them for short wheelchair rides outdoors. One day I even “broke the rules” and sneaked a newborn kitten onto the nursing floor under my coat. Everyone wanted to hold it, and I wish you could have seen the happy outreach of formerly silent bedridden patients. The BA is truly “benevolent.”

    • Creatures says:

      Awwwwwwww. That’s precious. I can’t help but think the entire staff is smiling and wouldn’t mind — for their patients’ sake — if you returned and “broke the rules” again.

      I loved the B.A. when my mom was there in the fall, and now I’m happy to see it ablaze with buds in springtime. The serenity clearly comes from our creator.

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