June 2017

The Residences at 910 – Check us out! 

Almost two years ago we began a transformation of the BA’s residential senior living with a new name and look —The Residences at 910. We realized that many Christian Scientists did not know there was residential senior living on the BA campus. And many were not familiar with our beautiful setting in the Original Building — which is distinct and separate from the Christian Science Nursing Building. Another appealing aspect of The Residences at 910 is that the Original Building’s 83 apartments and rooms are also home to BA workers, Christian Science nurses attending training classes, and up to 800 Rest & Study guests yearly.


For those unfamiliar with its history, here is a short timeline of residential living at the BA:

  • 1916 — The Christian Science Benevolent Association was founded by the Christian Science Board of Directors.
  • 1975 — The Christian Science Board of Directors closed Pleasant View in New Hampshire and many of those residents were transferred to the BA to live. This began residential services at the BA.
  • 1981 — The Christian Science Board of Directors turned the BA over to the Field with complete responsibility for its ownership and operation, including its Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science nurses training, Rest & Study, and residential living.
  • 2015 — Residential living for senior Christian Scientists at the BA is re-branded as The Residences at 910.


  • There are 32 apartments in our Original Building dedicated to The Residences at 910. We have established a quality standard for these apartments for carpet, paint, and fixtures, and all apartments are brought to this standard before being leased.
  • Our Leasing Agent for The Residences at 910 is ready to lease each remaining apartment as soon as it is upgraded with the new standard.
  • Four years ago we received an endowment following the closing of Daystar Home, a residential home for Christian Scientists in the Boston area. This gift allows us to subsidize several of our residential apartments. This has been a long-cherished desire of ours to be able to support those who have so lovingly served our Cause. We invite applicants for this funding; currently we have a waiting list for the Daystar fund.


  • Merrie Mizaras, Activity Coordinator for The Residences, maintains an active schedule for the residents. Here are a few recent activities and planned activities:
    • Tall Ships in Boston Harbor
    • Ferry Ride to Spectacle Island
    • Croquet at Fisher Hill
    • An afternoon at a Plymouth Beach House
    • Harvard Museums
    • Walk on the Greenway and other walking areas around Boston
    • Concerts at Longyear
    • First Mondays at Jordan Hall – New England Conservatory
    • Wellesley College Speakers Series
    • Volunteer Reading at a local elementary school
    • Weekly movement class
    • Newton Public Library trips
    • Brazier Fire on the Balcony
    • Hymn Sings
    • Events at The Mary Baker Eddy Library
    • Christian Science lectures in the greater Boston area
    • The Mother Church Local Member Events
  • We have such gratitude for our wonderful residents — as each new resident arrives they bring freshness and vitality to the community. They all serve to inspire those of us who live and work alongside them.


If you are thinking about living at The Residences at 910, please contact us for more information or to schedule a free two-night stay. Call our Leasing Agent, Debeth Gooding, at 617-734-5600 or email residences910@chbenevolent.org.


Click here for a virtual tour video of The Residences at 910. 

I welcome your questions which you can leave below or email me at jtoler@chbenevolent.org.


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  1. Current Resident says:

    Thanks for the great update on The Residences at 910! My husband and I joined this delightful group as residents 14 months ago after retiring from 13 years as members of the BA staff. In early 2017, after I had been on my own for several months, it came to me very clearly that it was time for me to move along, leaving the lovely apartment that had come with the job. As I continued to pray about this unfoldment, I realized that another lovely apartment had recently become available, and I decided to apply for it. A mutually agreeable target date was soon set for the move, allowing me to get things in order and the BA to complete the freshening up of the apartment according to the standards mentioned in Janiva’s blog. Everything moved along very harmoniously. I felt the loving care and support that is the hallmark of the BA – and also appreciated the professionalism of the staff. Move-in went forward right on target, and I have been enjoying my new perspective ever since. I hope this account of my recent experience will encourage others who are thinking about a similar step of progress!

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